You’ll Take Your First Ride in a Flying Car Within a Decade

You’ll Take Your First Ride in a Flying Car Within a Decade

Not too long ago, the notion of flying cars was most comfortably categorized alongside fusion power—a classic tech vision that seemed forever stuck just over the horizon.

Then around five years ago something shifted. Flying cars suddenly appeared plausible again. And not just “roadable planes” or “personal helicopters.” The renewed vision was a flying car (or taxi) for the masses, no pilot’s license, airport, or runway required. Since then, new projects, concepts, and investment have been pouring into the space.

What happened?

In a talk at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco last week, Colin Guinn—a serial entrepreneur who cofounded and was CEO of DJI North America and has been on the frontlines of the growing consumer drone market—said it was all about starting small.

Instead of shrinking helicopters or planes, the key has been scaling up multirotor drones. And now, the consumer drone market has become…
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