We invite you to join us and the global Warp community for a digital meeting on June 25.

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Live broadcast: Magnus Aschan, editor-in-chief of Warp News and guests will discuss and deep-dive into the most interesting fact-based optimistic news from the last month.

They will also share updates on upcoming events and news with the Warp Institute.

You can follow the live broadcast in our YouTube channel, on our Facebook page or directly on Zoom (link with registration.)

Digital fika: After the live broadcast we will meet on Zoom and get to know people from the Warp community all over the world.

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Fika is a Swedish word. It means having coffee or some other beverage with someone and most often something sweet to eat with that. But it's more than that, it's a verb, and something part of the Swedish culture. If you go to IKEA, you can have a fika. We want to invite the Warp community to have a fika with us.