These algae-based clothes photosynthesize while you wear them

These algae-based clothes photosynthesize while you wear them

Talk about thinking outside the box, a designer by the name of Roya Aghighi has designed clothes from algae that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis. Named Biogarmentry, the clothes are the proof of concept for a textile made with living, photosynthetic cells. To make the fabric for Biogarmentry, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, a type of single-cell green algae, are spun together with nano polymers. The result, which feels like linen, is “the first non woven living and photosynthetic textile” to be created.

Obviously this is quite an alternative to fast fashion – one that beckons the wearer to think and act differently with their clothing. In fact, wearers of Biogarmentry would need to take care of their garment as they would a plant in order to keep them alive, rather than engaging in the environmentally destructive practice of making synthetic clothes and…
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