These 5 tips will give you a new approach to cutting down on food waste

These 5 tips will give you a new approach to cutting down on food waste

Cutting down on food waste helps the environment in a number of key ways. Most obviously, it saves the resources and energy that go into producing unneeded food at every step of the supply chain, from farming to packaging to shipping. Plus, food that winds up rotting in landfills produces methane, one of the most potent greenhouses gasses.

Need some tips on how to cut food waste in your kitchen? Here are 5 clever ones.

First tip: Buy only what you need. Think critically about what you buy, avoid buying on impulse, and don’t buy too much fresh food that will go bad before you have time to eat it. If you need to buy in bulk, go for frozen or canned produce, which can be stored much longer and is often just as nutritious as fresh fruits and veggies.

Second tip: Get…
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