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Artificial Intelligence

The glove that translates sign language into speech

Deaf people can soon make it easier to communicate with the hearing with the help of a glove.

 The glove that translates sign language into speech

Researchers at UCLA in the United States have developed a glove that reads hand movements and translates them into speech through a mobile app.

The glove, which is a prototype so far, contains a kind of yarn that conducts electricity and can record the movements of the fingers with great precision. An AI then takes that information, translates the characters into speech and plays the words on a mobile.

For starters, the glove works with the American Sign Language. It is also based on facial expressions so it is possible to supplement the glove with sensors for eyebrows and mung lips.

In three to five years, researchers expect to have a commercial product ready. The hope is that it will then give the deaf an easy way to communicate with those who cannot sign language and also help those who want to learn sign language.


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