Sony unveils a portable air conditioner that fits right into your pocket

Sony unveils a portable air conditioner that fits right into your pocket

With global temperatures rising at an alarming rate, a personal, portable air conditioner would seem ideal. Well, now Sony has unveiled exactly that. Dubbed the Reon Pocket, Sony’s new device doesn’t cool you down by blowing processed air like a conventional air conditioner, but rather, it works by lowering (or increasing) your internal body temperature.

The gadget is app-controlled and slides into the pocket of a specially designed undershirt. The pocket is situated right between your shoulder blades and uses thermoelectric currents to provide cooling and heating. It’s definitely a cool concept (no pun intended), but whether it’s really worth the hassle of creating a device that only works with a special shirt is questionable. In any case, the device will only be released in Japan sometime next year.


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