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⚡ Scotland's goal: Reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2020

When Scotland shut down its last coal-fired power plant in 2016, the goal was to power all of Scotland with 100 percent renewable energy by November 2020. The goal is unique and Scotland is well on its way to success.

⚡ Scotland's goal: Reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2020

Scotland is known for its windy and, some would argue, horrible weather. But thanks to the wind, the country can extract huge amounts of renewable energy through wind turbines. The country still does not use 100 percent renewable energy, but it is well on its way. 2018 measured the amount of renewable energy to 76.2 percent. A study by Scottish Renewables shows that Scotland will achieve its target this year.

On this years UN climate conference, COP26, held in Glasgow, Scotland looks to be the rising star, according Renew Economy . They will not only succeed in achieving its target of renewable energy, but also the Scottish Government has set a legally binding target to reduce emissions for all greenhouse gases, not just carbon dioxide, to net zero 2045. This is five years earlier than the rest of the UK and large parts of the world. The target includes both aviation and shipping.

"We have already almost halved our emissions since 1990. The other half of Scotland's journey towards net-zero emissions will undoubtedly require other, and in many cases considerably more difficult, choices than those we have already made. But it is clear that people all over Scotland want to see action," says Roseanna Cunningham, Climate Change Secretary.

There is no doubt that the people of Scotland really want to see change. The BBC reports that Scotland does not rely on carbon offsetting, which means paying to reduce emissions elsewhere in the world. The Scots want to create a better future through action and hard work.


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