People went absolutely crazy for KFC’s meatless fried chicken

People went absolutely crazy for KFC’s meatless fried chicken

Last week we published a little story about how KFC was on the verge of becoming the first fast-food chain to serve meatless chicken. Working together with plant-based food company, Beyond Meat, KFC wanted to find out whether or not people would actually be interested in eating faux-chicken by offering it at a single KFC franchise in Atlanta for a day.

That test-run happened earlier this week, and the results are pretty unbelievable. An endless stream of cars and pedestrians wrapped around the restaurant for hours waiting up to an hour, and the plant-based chicken sold out in less than five hours. The store announced that they sold as much plant-based chicken in those five frantic hours as their usual popcorn chicken sales for a full week—a testament to the appeal of plant-based meat alternatives.

It’s a huge step forward for both KFC and…
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