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The Warp Optimist

The World’s Most Optimistic Newsletter

Expecting The Unexpected

Last week, Warp’s Chief Optimist decided it was time for a long overdue vacation. “Making the future come sooner requires some relaxation” is what I imagined he said!

The reality is vacations are a relatively new thing in modern society. Without getting into a complete history, it’s always interesting to note that in some cultures, taking a vacation from work was seen as against norms. In most others, leisure travel was reserved for the wealthy only and frowned upon in the middle and working classes. Ultimately, those classes drove the shift to what we see as the modern vacation/holiday. Doctors started to understand the benefit of the time away encouraging people to take time away from the labor of the day.

As we continue to become more connected, vacations are becoming a time when we visit remote friends we might have never met in person. These new communities are establishing the roots for tomorrows societal norms where sharing and problem solving opportunities are free of artifical barriers. I encourage you to always break free and see what opportunities await.

The News

Laser Destroys Cancer Cells Circulating in the Blood Killer Lasers?
We tend to assume use of lasers will focus on military or otherworldly purposes. These killer lasers are destroying cancel cells with unbelievable possibilities.

People are more honest than they think they are

Honesty is the best poilicy, my mother always said. When you look around, that advice, given in one form or another to many children around the world, has held up. Honesty and optimism tend to go hand in hand i say….

We May Soon Be Able to Harness the Heat in Subway Tunnels to Cool Our Homes Instead

Oh, the places you will go…and get home to a nice cool home. Science tends to find the balance in many areas, but who knew one potential source of renewable energy may come from mass transportation systems you may be using everyday. Science

The Inventor Creating Inventors in Ghana

Meet Charles Ofori Antipem

When thinking about breaking free of expectations, no one knows it better than Charles Ofori Antipem. This 25 year old entreprenuer understands how bringing technology and tools to people around the world can lead to positive economic revolution. 

An inventor creating inventors? “That sounds good,” he says, beaming. “If my dad were here he would be absolutely proud.”

Learn more about Charles and the next generation of inventors in Ghana.

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