Warp Interview

👋 Meet the Warp Community

In our weekly Warp News emails, our Co-Founder, Mathias Sundin, has been getting to know many of you in Warp. There are some very fascinating people out there, and we are delighted to begin introducing some of them to the whole community.

👋 Meet the Warp Community

Meet Sally. She's from Southwest Ontario, Canada and was born into a mostly agricultural community. She likes to help design, innovate, market, build and ensure a healthy footprint for Off Grid Floating Homes and 'Floatels'.

From a very young age, Sally liked to explore the outdoors and the world around her, and she continues to do so today.

Sally tells us that she joined the Warp Community because she prefers to focus on the good news in the world.  It helps her to feel inspired and motivated to contribute in a positive way. In the past, she has been involved in movements and projects that voice protest to environmentally damaging ways, and soon found herself focusing only on the problems and the damage that was being done, which led her to feel hopeless and drained.

She much prefers to be upbeat, energized, inspired, and part of the solutions! She wants to be the change. She also say that she finds so many superficial and inaccurate reports circulating in the daily news cycle, so she tunes them out. She prefers to pay attention to grounded, accurate reporting to keep updated personally and professionally.

"Good things are happening in the world. Sharing the news of these good things helps to bring hope, positive energy, inspire others to innovation and nudge people toward new, better ways of living." - Sally

One of her goals is to see off-grid, sustainably powered, minimal footprint, feng shui and ergonomically designed homes available and affordable to all.  Food and shelter are our main biological needs that can lead to meeting our emotional needs for safety and ease, and this type of living could provide both shelter and food if we design them well. When we can live in harmony with nature, we are truly living, not just existing.

Thanks so much to you, Sally, for being a part of the Warp Community and for sharing a little bit about yourself!


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