How the latest technology can save our coral reefs

How the latest technology can save our coral reefs

As you may have read before, coral reefs around the world have been dying over the past years. Corals are incredibly sensitive to erratic changes in the environment – inculcating higher ocean acidity and temperature. Coral reefs are known as “ocean jungles” – a deserved name seeing that they host 25% of all marine life. 

For this reason, numerous scientists are approaching technology in different ways to help conserve this important ecosystem. One approach focuses on speed breeding the next generation of super corals. Tests show that these corals exhibit higher resistance towards climate change and ocean acidification. This solution would bring a new generation of more resistant corals which would help mitigate the degradation of our coral reefs. 

Other attempts look at breeding whole new colonies within labs to be introduced in the ocean. Although quite complicated, researchers in Florida were able to crack the secret of coral breeding…
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