Circuses have been entertaining fans and enthusiasts of all ages since 1782. Sadly, over the centuries of this historic live show, the mistreatment of its animal stars has often been the dark truth behind the scenes.  

But now, the German Circus Roncalli has done something truly spectacular.  They have swapped out horses, lions and elephants for holograms. Circus Rocalli decided to make drastic changes in aid of fighting animal cruelty in the booming industry.

The shows still feature tusks, tails and an array of acrobats and fiery circles, but in a world’s first, not a single animal is real. They recreated the magnificent 3D holographic imagery with projectors which fill an arena measuring 32 meters (105 feet) wide and 5 meters (16 feet) deep with a view of 360°, for the entire audience to enjoy.

Roncalli’s agency has joined forces with Bluebox and Optoma who have installed laser projectors throughout the arena, providing for a mesmerizing experience.

Their bold moves comes at a time where animal living conditions in captivity are under dire concern.