Beam Us Up Scotty… Virgin Galactic Unveils Star Trek Style Space Suits for Tourists

Beam Us Up Scotty… Virgin Galactic Unveils Star Trek Style Space Suits for Tourists

🚀 Virgin Galactic may be aiming for 2020 as the commencement of their private space tourist program.

Until very recently, the idea of sending people to space has always sounded like pure science fiction. Yet today, space tourism is quickly becoming reality, and Virgin Galactic is ambitious in its private space tourism program.

As with many innovations throughout history, the push for space travel for all is promoted by private entities. What was science fiction a few decades ago is something we will witness in our lifetime.

👨🏽‍🚀 The pioneering space company, founded by billionaire Richard Branson, has designed an entire eye-catching wardrobe, complete with a one-piece jumpsuit, with matching jacket and boots. As part of the 90-minute journey, customers can keep their spacesuits after their trip into orbit.

With other entities like Under Armour, getting into the game, it won’t be long before a whole new fashion of space-age garments will be adorned by people all over town. What’s next? Perhaps a fashion show in space? We want a front-row seat for that one….

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