Alphabet Releases Its Master Plan for Toronto’s New Smart City

Alphabet Releases Its Master Plan for Toronto’s New Smart City

Ever dreamed of living in a giant experiment? If so, Toronto may be the city for you. Sidewalk Labs has released blueprints for its proposed waterfront smart city and, depending who you ask, it’s either going to be the pinnacle of modern living or an Orwellian nightmare.

Cities typically develop in a pretty organic fashion, but the Alphabet subsidiary will be building its vision from the ground up. Since the company won the redevelopment bid a year and a half ago there’s been a steady drip of information, but at the end of last month Sidewalk finally released its 1,500-page master innovation and development plan (MIDP).

Some of the most eye-catching details aren’t new thanks to a leak back in February, but are worth noting. The company plans to make extensive use of timber, including high-rise towers up to 30 stories tall, and buildings will be modular…
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