☀️ Alberta, Canada is launching one of the world's largest solar farms

The project will utilize about 2.5 mm PV modules across 4,700 acres. It is expected to power as many as 110,000 homes and offset 472 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

☀️ Alberta, Canada is launching one of the world's largest solar farms

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) has granted approval for the construction and operation of the $500 million Travers Solar project capable of generating 400 MW of power.

Greengate Power Corporation, the company behind the project, is currently pursuing the development of close to 1,000 MW of new solar and wind energy projects as it continues to grow as an industry leading producer of clean renewable energy.  Greengate strives to forge a future powered by renewable and clean energy sources through the development and acquisition of new projects.

Currently, the two largest solar power facilities in Canada maintain a capacity of about 100 MW, making the new Travers Solar project 4 times larger than any operating renewable energy facility.

Alberta enjoys abundant annual sunshine, averaging about 300 days per year, which makes the province an ideal location for the ambitious project.  Travers Solar is expected to power as many as 110,000 homes and offset 472 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. The project will utilize about 2.5 million PV modules across 4,700 acres of land in Vulcan County, Alberta.

The AUC conducted an extensive review of the project and found that its approval is in the public interest considering its social, economic, and environmental effects, particularly in accordance with the Alberta Hydro and Electric Act.

“We are very pleased to have received approval for what we expect will be Canada’s largest solar energy project and one of the largest in the world,” said Dan Balaban, President and CEO of Greengate. “This continues our successful track record, having already developed some of the largest renewable energy projects in the country. We anticipate that Travers Solar will bring significant investment, employment and clean renewable energy to Alberta while strengthening the province’s position as a global energy and environmental leader.”


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