Camera traps, automated cameras that snap a picture whenever an animal walks by, have become an indispensable tool for wildlife biologists, helping them study behavior and estimate populations.

Wildlife Insights, an online portal with more than 4.5 million photos, launched recently.

But going through and looking at all the pictures is long and tedious work.

Each trap can generate thousands of photos, and researchers often don’t have the time to sort through all the images.

Now, with machine learning, Google can go through 3,6 million pictures per hour.

Users will be able to ask the system to search for their animal of interest, and all of the images will be publicly available.

Freed of the tedium of data entry, conservation scientists now have more time and resources to analyze the data.

This news is an excellent example of how technological development in AI and cameras and collaboration through the internet can make the world a better place. Also for animals.