Warp News is a news channel run by the nonprofit foundation Warp Institute .

The world is better now than ever before, but most people still have a negative view of the future.

We think one important reason is the negative bias in news media.

Warp News will help to balance that with fact-based, optimistic news.

Our articles are always based on facts and science. We focus on the possibilities with new technology, ideas and collaboration. Warp News, like the foundation, bases itself in fact-based optimism.

Warp News is also available in Swedish Edition and has a newsletter which is published weekly.

The editors

The editorial team consists of volunteers who regularly curate, write and publish articles on this news site and on the Facebook page for Warp Institute .

Editor-in-Chief: Magnus Aschan

Editor Space, Co-Founder and Foundation Chair: Mathias Sundin

Editor, Co-Founder of Warp Institute U.S.: Rich Spuller

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Contact Us

Contact the editorial team by emailing hello@warpinstitute.org .